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What Services Include

Life Coaching

Create a life you love by setting realistic goals, cultivating discipline and staying consistent. 

Life coaching is all about working towards what you want in life. Start building the blocks of your best life. Change happens not by leaps but with small steps that are done regularly and continuously.


Together, we co-create a safe space to find meaning and clarity in every aspect of your life.


Life coaching can help with: 


  • Understanding your core beliefs 

  • Acknowledging your deep values 

  • Setting goals and actually achieving them 

  • Realistically looking at your finances, careers, relationships and health

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Access your subconscious mind to Improve and change aspects of your life that you aren’t fulfilled with. 


The trance-like state of hypnosis is how to reprogram your brain and tweak the blueprint of your internal world. 


What is it for you?

By accessing your susceptibility to positive suggestion, we provide an environment where the brain is open to implementing change. 


Hypnotherapy can help with :

  • Quitting smoking (even after decades) 

  • Overeating and weight loss

  • Anxiety and Panic Attacks

  • Stress

  • Depression

  • Insomnia

  • Heartbreak

  • Fear and phobias

A completely unique approach to physical and mental strength incorporating fitness, mindfulness and neuro linguistic programming (NLP).

A highly transformative combination to treat the whole Being as opposed to only working on one aspect by linking positive language and the best and most effective exercise routines. This program is completely adaptable to your own level of fitness. It will not only change the approach to how you work out, but also balance your life as a whole.


Benefits of the program include 


• Developing mental clarity

• Mindful Stretching

• Grounding Techniques

• Achieving body goals time effectively 

• Strength and conditioning exercises 

•  Growing your own unique practise 

• Overall Lifestyle balance 


Start mirroring and modeling the

success you desire. NOW. 


With NLP you will start to understand the systems that bring success, the mindset that can be manipulated to your advantage and the internal dialogue that might be holding you back.

I will guide you to answers only you can discover by working with your internal representation system- basically how you perceive the world around you. I will work with you to understand your behavioural patterns, emotional state and aspirations that help you strengthen a skill set that serves you best.


Why NLP?


  • it’s a rapid transformational technique 

  • It’s a ‘soft’ approach to therapy. Helpful for those who are nervous about therapy.


Strength Coaching

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