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Dealing with stress or anxiety can seem at times a constant running monologue in your head, making it impossible to relax. It’s normal, it’s fixable and you’re not alone. ​Multitasking is not easy, and when you don't prioritise our health, life can seem very dull and lonely. 

Using tried and tested techniques I can help support you on the journey to a better mindset so you can live a happy fulfilling life.  

PTSD, addictions, depression, phobias and a whole ocean of other issues can be debilitating. But people can change. All it takes is the commitment to yourself. Having the right support through this transition can make the journey one of pride as well as growth. Change does not have to be a punishing task.

A lot of people seek help to unlock parts of themselves that are difficult. This brave step should be celebrated. Healing and improvement take place when we look within, and although it might not always be comfortable, we can reach a new level of self respect and self worth. 

Your Team

Give your team the best and most relevant support, so they can perform to their highest ability, thus ensuring the survival of your business. Help them stay motivated, enthusiastic,  efficient and consistent.


Peak performance at the workplace has never been more important after 2020. The pandemic sadly plunged many businesses into administration and many more face uncertainty.  

Give your team the best and most relevant support, so they can perform to their highest ability, thus ensuring the survival of your business. Help them stay motivated, enthusiastic, efficient and consistent.

The Y Practice is proud to offer a great package to companies wanting to give their employees a much needed boost. Support your team by ensuring that they’re managing life outside work, giving them the ability to stay productive and focused at work. 


Our offers include:


  • 3 hour seminar with 3 specialist speakers 

  • Full day mindful, motivational and core strength workshop 

  • Company retreat. 3 day mind, body and energy peak performance boost

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I strive to be a multitasking Goddess/Superhero on a daily basis. For me this would ideally entail quality time for my faith, my family, my friends and myself.

After becoming a Mother I developed a passion for overall mental wellbeing. Providing my child (and future children) with the best possible version of myself seemed to me, non negotiable.

After struggling with my own self worth and seeking help for it, I was amazed at the changes taking place within such a short period of time. My fascination led me to qualify as a therapist shortly thereafter after years of passionate self study. I am now a master life coach, clinical hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner with a passion for incorporating fitness and conscious parenting into my programs.


I can facilitate rapid change within you, that will help you make better decisions and allow you to create your ideal lifestyle. Let's work together on your self esteem, get your skeletons out the closet and adopt the notion that everything happens for your growth and maturity.

Start cultivating the idea that life is happening FOR you,

and not just to you.

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