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Why The Y Practice?


My very colourful background includes, a German mother, an Indian father, some foster parents, many many nannies, an international school and plenty plenty plenty travels. These travels expanded my mind from a young age and I feel so passionate about the educational benefits of travelling that I world school my two sons.


Although I was extremely privileged throughout my childhood, (and of course still am living in the western world) this didn’t mean I was immune to trauma. Trauma doesn’t discriminate against race, class, age etc. Had I not confronted my limiting beliefs, negative self talk and major imposter syndrome I know I would not be the person I am today.

It was becoming a mother that planted
the seed of self development. I was committed to nurturing the parent-child bond, and I’m humbled to now help others who feel stuck whether that be with fears of phobias, depression, anxiety, low self esteem, overthinking or other life factors.

After experiencing the wonderful breakthroughs of rapid transformational techniques myself I was amazed how quickly I was able to overcome my negative mindset, childhood trauma and issues I was having in my marriage. I was lacking passion, drive, direction but deep down I knew there was more to life.

I also worked with a business coach who challenged my

comfort zone and soon enough I was helping others on their journey of healing.

Being able to support people through life’s challenges is truly humbling and I am grateful I get to now help others while I continue my journey of self discovery.


Because the journey is never complete.

My mission is to continue a journey of discovering how we can live happier lives, heal our trauma and nurture the relationships that we love. For it is the the love we have internally for ourselves which ultimately will attract your tribe of the same values.


Know More About My Services!

If you are feeling stuck and at a standstill in your life and would like a detailed plan of action to boost your growth game, then take this as your sign.

Get in touch and let’s get you elevating.
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