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Why The Y Practice?


I'm Yamuna, the founder of  The Y Practice. I am a qualified and insured master life coach, clinical hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner.


It's not always easy to describe what I do exactly as all my sessions are client-lead. You come with a problem/issue and I provide a safe space and nurturing environment for you to make changes and in turn, live a more fulfilling life.


My mission is to provide my clients with a deeper understanding of their mind-body connection which in turn gives them the opportunity to break free from their limiting beliefs, understand their true values and heal from generational trauma. These cycles of ancestral trauma can be healed with the right support.

After becoming a mother in 2014, I became deeply passionate about self development particularly in the areas of conscious parenting and mindful fitness. I was so determined to give my children the best start in life and understood that by healing and strengthening myself, I would be able to raise them better.


Over the last 40 years talking therapies have come a long way. There has been a massive shift with more people discovering how the industry of self development has evolved.


The outdated stigma of seeking help being for the weak is shifting.

There is constantly more research showing the positive effects of talking therapies. In a society where prescribed medication has been on the increase for years, we are finally seeing more Doctors recommend their patients see coaches, therapists and practitioners instead of sending them off with prescriptions as the first resort.


Know More About My Services!

If you are feeling stuck and at a standstill in your life and would like a detailed plan of action to boost your growth game, then take this as your sign.

Get in touch and let’s get you elevating.

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