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Don't allow negative thinking and limiting beliefs
to hold you back in life.


Since setting up The Y Practice during the first lockdown of 2020 I have been supporting my clients overcome their unwanted habits, allowing them to live a better and more enjoyable life. I support them using Clinical Hypnotherapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Life Coaching Techniques.

After becoming a mother in 2014, I started being deeply passionate about giving my child and future children the best version of myself. Only much later in life did I become aware how much my childhood trauma had impacted my adult life. I was able to transition through my pain with the help of my trusted therapist and this paved the way to myself becoming a Qualified Coach and Practitioner. More people struggling through their trauma needed to be told that it wasn’t a life sentence. It’s become my mission and passion to help people.

I love people, I always have. I love exploring new ways of healing because although we are all fundamentally the same- biologically speaking, we are all going though a journey completely unique to us.

Over the last 40 years talking therapies have come a long way. There has been a massive shift with more people discovering how the industry of self development has evolved. The outdated stigma of seeking help being for the weak is shifting.

There is constantly more research showing the positive effects of talking therapies. In a society where prescribed medication has been on the increase for years, we are finally seeing more Doctors recommend their patients see coaches, therapists and practitioners instead of sending them off with prescriptions as the first resort.

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The Way You Speak To Yourself Is So Important..

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Palm Trees on a Beach

I suffered with terrible anxiety. Yamuna was professional, listened and gave support. She has helped me to overcome anxious episodes by giving techniques and strategies that I was able to implement into my daily life. She gave appointments via video sessions and offered continued support when I needed. A truly great experience and one I continue to use.

Palm Trees on a Beach

The Y Practice has a refreshing take on mindful fitness in a way that it validates that a person's emotions can be vulnerable to distractions. The approach is realistic in accepting, affirming and gently redirecting towards self actualization.

Palm Trees on a Beach

Yamuna has been a wonderful resource and support during my journey of growth and discovery. Ever present with her pure energy and insights she has enabled me to take leaps where previously I was taking steps. In person she provides a safe calms space and when you're alone you have the tools you need to overcome your obstacles.


Why you’re looking
for help now

Aspects of your life that might be confusing you


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Limiting beliefs and core values

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The possibility of family members impacting your mental health

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 " I always see the best in my clients even if they come to me at their worst. "

- Yamuna Sharma, The Y Practice

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