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Hailey Austin

I have been working with Yamuna for over a year and have seen her develop both personally and professionally. Yamuna has great empathy towards others and creates bespoke coaching packages to help you become your best self. I have referred clients to Yamuna and she has done an excellent job at facilitating change, quickly and effectively. Yamuna is very trustworthy, friendly and has a professional approach and keen genuine interest to help others, especially in the areas of mindful fitness and conscious parenting. 

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Cleo Hector

Yamuna is one of my oldest friends and just when I thought she couldn’t get any better, she started her NLP journey, just as I started my journey of self help. Not only has she helped me immensely in moments of blind panic, familial disputes, disruption and personal issues (problems we all have in abundance!) but she has created a marvellous network of people that are like minded and amazing too! She put me in touch with someone that gave me some bilateral eye movement therapy. Which actually was life changing on an astronomical scale. Sounds positively incredulous right? Nope. Within a month. My chronic anxiety condition was eradicated. By applying her methods I was given all of the necessary tools to get me to the next step in my recovery. For that. I will be eternally grateful.

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I suffered with terrible anxiety. Yamuna was professional, listened and gave support. She has helped me to overcome anxious episodes by giving techniques and strategies that I was able to implement into my daily life. She gave appointments via video sessions and offered continued support when I needed. A truly great experience and one I continue to use.

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Joan Laude

My gosh!!! I have never felt relieved after listening to Yamuna. I felt so refreshed and my mind cleared up as I listen to her voice. You deserve more than 5 stars. Thank you for creating this avenue where I can reflect well on my mental health. I am beyond grateful for this.


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Joana Carson

Working with Yamuna is a life changing experience, I used to have little patience and stress easily as a parent but I became mindful and learned a different parenting approach to my son. Overall I became a better parent by learning Conscious Parenting through Yamuna. She also gives amazing freebies that helps me to be more calm on my busy days and its easily accessible in her website. Thank you so much!!

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Paul Thomas

Yamuna has been a wonderful resource and support during my journey of growth and discovery. Ever present with her pure energy and insights she has enabled me to take leaps where previously I was taking steps. In person she provides a safe calms space and when you're alone you have the tools you need to overcome your obstacles.


I can't recommend her enough.

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Mikaela Von Seyfried

The Y Practice has a refreshing take on mindful fitness in a way that it validates that a person's emotions can be vulnerable to distractions. The approach is realistic in accepting, affirming and gently redirecting towards self actualization.

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Astrid Frank

Yamuna has helped me in many ways over the years. She is always kind and attentive when i have needed her help and thanks to her support I was able to give up alcohol after over 40 years. Her compassion and ability to empathise with those who are going through challenging times is second nature to her.


I would highly recommend her to anyone suffering with limiting beliefs, fears and phobias or just general life issues that get in the way of living a fulfilling life.

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James Britton

Extremely professional and supportive practitioner, has helped me immensely over the years, would definitely recommend!

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